Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Colorful Tassels

Colorful tassels add detail to this white off the shoulder dress.

Lets just put two things out there right now before we get started. 
1. your girl here looooves a good tassel. 
2. if you haven't joined the flatform trend, hurry up and get on it.

Misa Los Angeles Tassel dress with Marc Fisher platform shoes.

Fashion blogger Seaside Styled styles a tassel off the shoulder dress with flatforms.

GiGi New York Clutch in hot pink with tassel dress.

Summer dress with flatform sandals.

Colorful tassel dress by Misa on blogger Seaside Styled.
Photography by Kristy Bruggemann

Tassel Dress c/o Morley Delray

I took my friend Jordan shopping with me when I picked this dress out from Morley and her first reaction was, "ehhhh idk, you kinda look like you're going on vacation to Mexico." Maybe it was because my hair was not cute that day, or the whole look wasn't together. What mattered at that point was that I had the vision. In my mind it was perfect, and nobody was going to stop me and boy am I glad I didn't let anyone.

Moment of honesty, this might just be one of my favorite summer dresses ever. This dress accomplishes 3 of my favorite summer trends, off the shoulder, tassels, and white. As far as I'm concerned, it's like Misa made this dress for me. 

Sometimes I find that off the shoulder pieces have a tendency to slide up on top of my shoulders, but this dress stayed put. The wide elastic kept it in place, but didn't squeeze too tight either. You could really pair any color clutch or bag with this dress as well. The color of this GiGi New York bag didn't match any of the tassels perfectly and thats one of the things I actually loved about this look!

Now lets talk flatforms, there are about 1,835 different options out there to choose from right now. I really wanted to try a different pair, but was worried about the quality of them. With how tight the leather strap is around your ankle, I knew if the leather wasn't great quality that it would hurt. I decided on this pair (currently 30% off!) from Nordstrom instead and haven't taken them off since. 

I really like to put a pair of shoes to the test when I work the floor in retail. If they can last through a 9 hour day while running all over the place, then they're winners to me. I wore these the day after they showed up in my mailbox and for the first time in a very long time, my back didn't hurt after my shift. All styling aside, they're incredibly comfortable. 

These shoes are without a doubt coming with me to Nashville. So excited that our trip is right around the corner! Hope everyone is off to a great start to the week!

xox, Sam

Thank you to Morley Delray for sponsoring this post. All products labeled with c/o are from Morley Delray, all opinions are my own.

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