Wednesday, June 8, 2016

On Wednesdays, We Wear Rompers

Lilly Pulitzer Deanna romper on blogger Seaside Styled.


There's a lot of things going on in my world right now, so lets do a little catch up! Memorial Day weekend was ah-ma-zing because I shamelessly unplugged and spent time with friends and family back home. Putting my phone down and really being in the moment can be a complete mental refresh. The only downside is that I have zero photos from the weekend, not a single one... 

Beachy accessories and Lilly Pulitzer romper on blogger.

Easy summer outfit for hot days and cool nights with Lilly Pulitzer.

Raffia Clutch makes the perfect accessory to match Lilly Pulitzer Romper.

Mar Y Sol raffia clutch matches the Lilly Pulitzer Deanna Romper perfectly.
 Photography by Kristy Brueggemann

I had a ton of errands to run on Tuesday after the long weekend and threw on this little Lilly Pulitzer romper and was incredibly comfortable and not too warm. You really can't go wrong with something as easy as this outfit in summer! I think Tuesday was the first day I walked out the front door and thought to myself how hot it was and that summer was officially here! Tropical Storm Colin making landfall on the west coast of Florida really solidified those thoughts for me too. 

If we're being completely honest here, I've never liked rompers until now. It isn't that I didn't find them cute, because I did! They just all seemed to fit very strangely on me. My torso is small and I'm very short waisted. This romper fits me perfectly though, the lower waist is really flattering and isn't too much material in the leg opening area.

Work has been a ton of fun lately. Aside from creating content here, I'm getting to do more for Periwinkle and Morley as well. Since receiving my camera for graduation, I've been taking quite a few of their photos for Instagram and Facebook. As weird as it sounds, I like being behind the lens just as much as being in front of it. 

On another note, next Friday is the first of many summer adventures for Sean and I. Any guesses where we're headed?! I'll give you a little hint... I'm planning to eat my weight in hot chicken and praying that I somehow run into Sam Hunt/Keith Urban/Blake Shelton.

Well, NASHVILLE HERE WE COME! If you have any great restaurant, bar, or music venue recommendations please let me know! Neither of us have ever been and we want to make the most of our short 2 days there. I'm hoping we get a chance to spend a few hours at the Taste of Music City Festival and can make it to the Country Music Hall of Fame too.

Anyone have any stellar trips booked this summer?! I'd love to hear about them. I'm always adding new places to my travel bucket list!

xox, Sam

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