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Hamptons Travel Guide

Things to do in the Hamptons.

With so many little towns on The Hamptons, picking what you want to do during your short period of time while visiting is hard. This was my second summer spending a week in Westhampton Beach, and it's something I look forward to each year now.  Over the last two summers (and with the help of hundreds of recommendations from friends and family), I've rounded up my must-eat and must-do favorites from all around the eastern end of the island. All of my recommendations are going to go a little something like this:

Venue: Town - a little bit about my experience there or what the person who recommended the spot had to say about it! Hope you enjoy!

Seaside Styled visits the Hamptons 4th of July.
The Sunday before the 4th of July, the country club in Westhampton puts on a huge fireworks display that can be seen from miles around. One of the porches at the house faced the event perfectly and we enjoyed the fireworks and celebrated the Independence Day weekend with champagne and appetizers. 

The Hamptons sunsets with Seaside Styled.
Sean and I rented a car and drove from Philadelphia this year instead of flying into Islip (which for those of you flying, it's the New York equivalent of PBI- aka what I consider being the best airport in America) and we somehow managed to completely skip all traffic. Having our own rental car out east was amazing, we were able to get some ground covered and find new spots!


1. The Post Stop Café: Westhampton Beach - this was stop #1 when getting into town after our drive. Post Stop Café is the cutest little mom & pop restaurant and they're known for their great burgers that actually come on English Muffins! I had a turkey and avocado panini with fries. Y'all, their fries are to die for. This spot is perfect if you're looking for something quick and light!

2. Starr Boggs: Westhampton Beach - Starr Boggs is a treat and fit for a special occasion, to say the least. When I envisioned the classic Hamptons style restaurant, this is what I imagined. I had steak & lots of wine the evening we were there, no surprise there #steakandpotatoskindagirl

3. Lunch (the Lobster Roll): Amagansett - Lunch is a staple in the Hamptons. We stopped here on our way out to Montauk last year for my first lobster roll (yes, my first - it was my first summer in the Northeast... no judgement please), and we decided that what better first lobster roll than at a place literally known for them! The location is gorgeous, the lobster roll was delicious & full of butter, and I was a happy camper.

4. Muse in the Harbor: Sag Harbor - Good local wine, check. Light and delicious lunch, check. This place was perfect for a laid back lunch when we spent the day in Sag Harbor. I had the Fruits de la Muse Insalata and you need to try this. Need.

5. A Lure Chowder House & "Oyster-ia": Southold - This restaurant isn't in the Hamptons, but its on the north eastern part of Long Island and one of my favorites. We had dinner right on the marina and the food was to die for. Of course the oysters were amazing, but we all had specials that night and were so impressed!

Tate's Bake Shop is a must do while in Hamptons.

Must Do:

1. Visit Tate's Bake Shop: Southampton - Tate's is a Hamptons must do for so many reasons. First things first, hello fresh cookies and the best ones ever at that! They have everything from cookie sandwiches, to brookies, and in between. Second, their bake shop is adorable and has the prettiest little patio to eat your fresh cookies on! We stock up every year and bring cookies home with us because they're THAT good. 

2. Explore the Wölffer Estate: Sag Harbor - This is such a fun thing to do if you're into relaxing and taking in the scenery. It's one of my favorite vineyards in Long Island (we did a couple day wine tour with Sean's Uncle who's a local last year) and this really gives you the feel like you're in Italy. The flights are fun to try and incredibly reasonable and you can take a walk through the vineyards and tour the winery.

3. Drive the Montauk Highway: Westhampton to Montauk - This is a lot of fun because you can stop in all of the Hamptons along the way! We chose to drive straight out to Montauk (with a stop at Lunch of course), and make our stops on the way home. There is obviously so much to do, but we had a plan to visit a few stores and a restaurant in each town and then move to the next. 

4. Visit the Surf Lodge: Montauk - The Surf Lodge just underwent a huge renovation and they highlighted my favorite artist, Gray Malin, and all of his incredible beach photography. They have a great beach and restaurant to spend the evening at! 

5. Hampton Classic Horse Show: Bridgehampton - Going to a horse show in the Hamptons is a dream come true. Spend the weekend watching incredibly talented equestrians and horses in gorgeous end of summer weather. This multi-day event has me ready to get back to the Hamptons already, and I haven't even been gone a month!

Wölffer Estate Vineyard flight in Sag Harbor.

Wölffer Estate Rosé on wine tour.

Seaside Styled exploring Wölffer Estate Vineyard.
top | jeans | shoes | bag (sold out), similar | sunglasses
Candid laughing photo courtesy of being chased by a bee & the wine of course making me think this was hilarious. The full outfit post from this day is here.

Hydrangeas in the Hamptons.

Seaside Styled enjoying sunset in Westhampton Beach.
dress from morley | watchbracelet
We spent so much time just relaxing around the house which was amazing considering I've been busy at the stores & with my internship! Taking the time to turn off for a few days was so refreshing. I'm not sure I've shared a photo of Sean with you all yet, but this is us on the back deck at sunset.  We had an awful storm the night we arrived and every evening after that the sunsets were beautiful and so vibrant!

Purple flowers in the Hamptons.

Of course, I had to include some photos of flowers. They're one of my favorite parts of being up north in the summer and if you didn't know from following me on Instagram, hydrangeas are my favorite!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite things about the Hamptons. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do & I love being able to share it with you!

xox, Sam

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