Friday, September 23, 2016

Annabel Ingall Bag Review

Annabel Ingall Large Isabella Tote Review
Great totes are seemingly hard to come by if you're looking in the under $500 price range but don't want to sacrifice quality. I've had a few totes that got put to the test over the last year; think airplane carry-on, computer & Nikon schlepping bag, and overnight bag too. After a few months, I was finding that the other totes were cracking under pressure - literally.

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Annabel Ingall Tote

Best all around tote for working women.

Large Annabel Ingall Tote in Almond

Colorful purse accessories

How much can fit inside Annabel Ingall Tote

Perfect tote for bloggers and PR girls, Annabel Ingall Large Isabella.

Instead of a getting a black tote like I originally planned on, I decided to go with something more toward nude tones so I was never limited for everyday use. This tote is the almond color which I LOVE, but I'll tell you, my other choice was Koala and I think I would have liked that color just as much.

I was given this bag as a birthday gift and wanted to give 'er a spin before I reviewed it. I'm beyond impressed on how well this bag has carried around all of my stuff with ease. The last photo is the bag with all of the things pictured in it. You can tell there is still a ton of room for my huge DSLR camera and more. If you're living in a city where you walk to and from work but change into heels during the day, this is a great option for you!

One of the things I love about this bag is how soft it is. When I don't have my computer or other giant things, I fold in the sides so it seems a little smaller and not so wide. It's nice to have the option to go back and forth though depending what I'm carrying. I'd compare the size of this bag to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM, which is the largest size of the Neverfulls.

Also, I'm sorta dying inside laughing at my incredibly outdated accessories. My big wallet is usually filled with stuff I don't grab for on a daily basis like insurance cards and member cards, so I don't necessarily mind what it looks like. Funny story behind that purchase - I went through a breakup a few years ago and was apparently using retail therapy as my crutch. Now, what possessed me to buy a hunter orange wallet, I'll never know. I was going through one of those,"I have to have color on everything in sight", phases. At the time I guess it made me happy!

I'm glad to be FINALLY back to blogging! Next week, I'm planning to do a little life catch up including what's been going on in my internship with PR Couture and life in general!

Happy Friday!

xox, Sam

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