Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Packing Our Bags

SO much has happened during my little blogging hiatus, and I figured I'd catch you up on all of it! Between life, things with Sean, my internship, and jobs, I was so incredibly busy and had to find some time to sleep. But there is some big news - this little Floridian is moving to the snow!


While I let you in on the news that we were moving, I didn't share where because I had a few little last minute ends to tie up... But we're officially moving to Minneapolis! I was born and raised in South Florida and have never lived in another state, so this is MAJOR. Thankfully, I've seen snow quite a few times and driven in it once (I need a reality check, MSP is a whole other beast), so I have that much under my belt, but that's about it! I like the cold a lot, so this will be a fun change for me. Sean on the other hand, not so much. Regardless, I'm planning to look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy from December to March so please #prayforme. 

A cross country move is intimidating but exciting! My car will ship before I leave so it's there when I get to Minneapolis, and I'll be flying out on October 26th. It looks like I'll be catching the tail end of fall. I've been buying boots, sweaters, and parkas like there is a plague on them, so hopefully I'm mostly prepared when the first significant snowfall. If you have any recommendations, please let me know! 

I can't wait to ransack Ikea, Target, and a whole array of new home stores. I'll post photos once we get there!


Well, if you can't tell by me moving across the country with Sean... Things are great with us! Sean moved out of South Florida in March, so we've been long distance since then. We were luckily able to see each other every three weeks since, but it'll be fun to live together finally!

His birthday is next weekend, so I'll be headed for Richmond Thursday afternoon to spend his birthday weekend together and I can't wait! We weren't able to spend my birthday weekend together as I was moving out of my old apartment in Boca, and he couldn't get a reasonable flight. I guess one is better than none, huh!


Another major reason I've been so busy is while yes I was still working at Periwinkle, but I was also interning for PR Couture. My university, unfortunately, didn't recommend internships for marketing majors (which still blows me away), so I went out on my own post-grad to find one!

What brought me to this point was that I was applying for jobs that I thought I was qualified for now that I had that fancy piece of paper stating I had a degree, but boy was I wrong. I applied for a position at a PR firm in Charleston, South Carolina and got denied. It upset me! Thankfully, the woman who owned the firm was kind enough to reach out and let me know why I wasn't the ideal candidate. After that, I took to my PRISM alumni page and asked for input, answers, and ways to combat this. Low and behold, Crosby, who is the Editor and Creator of PR Couture reached out to me regarding interning for PR Couture, and I joyfully accepted!

A little bit about PRISM as I'm sure you're wondering how I landed this stellar opportunity... A year and a half ago, my best friend Morgan tagged me in a post on Instagram about this course PRISM that helps to polish your PR skills, and I had no idea what it was. I did some research, and as two aspiring PR girls would do, we skipped our Christmas gifts that year and invested in ourselves. We learned everything from perfecting your personal brand, the basics of pitching, and helped us do a little career planning. It was without a doubt one of the best investments I made when starting my career. 

Crosby and the PR Couture team just recently announced another opportunity to take PRISM. If you're going into PR, marketing, or any communications field, this course is essential. The knowledge, networking and skills are something I'll have with me for a lifetime. 

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