Monday, January 16, 2017

Saying Goodbye to 2016

Oh, 2016... In only 365 days, so much changed.

2016 held such major milestones for me personally and professionally. Between finishing my senior year at FAU and graduating, to quite literally moving across the country, I'm going to recap some of my favorite moments with you all! 

As most of you know, Sean & I spent most of 2016 in a long distance relationship, so we made a promise to spend that year traveling - and boy did we. We lived up to our promise, and one (if not both) of us were on planes every 3 weeks (even though I have the worst anxiety flying). In 2016, we visited Savannah in January then moved Sean to Philadelphia in March. I revisited Philly again in April. Sean came home for my graduation in May, which called for a week-long celebration of finally graduating college (hallelujah). In June we adventured to Nashville for a long weekend, stupid me forgot my camera battery (oops!) and my iPhone has since died, leaving me with just a few photos from Facebook. July always holds my favorite vacation, out to the Hamptons. August was my birthday and the start of my preparations to move to Minneapolis. We spent one last weekend together home in Stuart in late October for our final going away parties with friends & family, and we've been in Minneapolis since! 2016. Was. A. Whirlwind.

If you're interested in specific parts of the year (like how we made long distance work, or about Minneapolis), they're highlighted below!


Long distance relationships, otherwise known as LDRs, are a ton of work. Don't let me make this seem too easy, because it requires constant effort from both parties. We found a few things that really helped us keep the stress off of our relationship throughout the year. We had countless Facetime dates and set aside time each week to do so. I loved cooking dinner, and eating it while Facetiming and it always felt like we were on a date. 
Thankfully we're both from the same hometown so once one of our planes landed, we would either stay at Sean's in Philly or our parents at home which cut a huge cost! Saving money from staying in hotels allowed us to see each other so much more!
I think the most romantic part of living apart was being able to surprise the other person. I love snail mail and always send loved one's notes in the mail. I would send little gifts with notes to Sean every few weeks, and vice versa. It made me feel like Sean was always thinking about me.


I never knew how much I was going to love Minneapolis, because before my plane landed with all of my stuff... I had never been here! For being a city, it really is clean and pretty. We live across the street from a huge park, and it's quite magical in the winter with all of the snow on the ground. I keep telling people that I feel like I live in a snowglobe. I was SO excited when it first snowed, I'm pretty sure I Facetimed 11 people! I'm going to eventually do a round-up of my favorite Mpls spots, but it's going to be hard to narrow down all of my favorites.

The transition from being apart completely, to living together has been hysterical. Likeee... last week we were laying in bed talking about cleaning the house #adultshit, and cleaning the bathroom. WELL, come to find out Sean thought that the loofah, yes MY LOOFAH, the one I use daily, was the tool you're supposed to use to clean the shower. I think I died. It officially in a landfill somewhere and I'm loofahless. Send loofahs please. 

I had my apartment, job, and life somewhat figured out before I moved which made the transition really easy. About a week after I moved into my apartment, I started work as an assistant manager at Club Monaco in the Mall of America. 

Coming from working in boutique retail, the mall is MASSIVE. Thankfully my little work family makes it feel really small & intimate. I even work with another blogger ;)

Thanks for all of your love and support for the last year-ish! I can't wait to see what 2017 brings for me all around. Hopefully, a lot more blogging is on the horizon!

xox, Sam

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