Monday, February 6, 2017

Springing for Off The Shoulder

Young woman in blue off the shoulder top and white jeans.
If you opened up my closet doors right now, I'll tell you what you'd see. You'd see a tons of pink, blue, white, and black. You'd see that 70% of my closet is still "summer" clothes, and you'd see tons of off the shoulder pieces. Andddd you might also see the disheveled mess of shoes that make my closet floor almost impassible #oops. I wasn't sure if the off the shoulder trend was here to stick around for a while, but I'm sure glad it is. 


Blue and white outfit with neutral accessories.

Off the shoulder oxford top from Club Monaco.

GiGi New York bag with blue off the shoulder Club Monaco top.

With spring sneaking up on us surprisingly fast, I knew if I didn't get this top now, I'd regret it. I can definitely see myself wearing it like I did here but more casual, like with sneakers. It would all be fun to wear with white denim cut-off shorts in the summer as well! I mean, its obviously the perfect shirt for me, it fits my closet criteria 100%.

I thought about writing this post last night during the Super Bowl, and I'm glad I didn't. I was rooting for the Falcons because I basically root for anybody BUT the Patriots #bitterDolphinsfan. I still just can't believe that the Patriots came back from being down 25 points. Now thats what I consider a good football game!

Let's just take a second to talk about Lady Gaga and that Halftime show. Gaga's Halftime Show was without a doubt one of the best I've seen in YEARS. She went all out for it. I basically sat on the couch in awe singing all of the songs for 15 minutes wondering how her abs looked so good in those shorts. I'm also 120% sure I wouldn't have the guts to jump from the roof of a football stadium - as if she wasn't cooler than us already!

Hope everyone's weeks are off to a good start!
xox, Sam

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