Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Vested Interest

Winter white and neutral outfit on young woman.
 Throwback to a few months ago on my first shopping excursion as a Club Monaco employee... I came across this pretty little vest. My boss had the black, and I actually didn't have a black vest & was about to pull the trigger on it but someone last minute convinced me to try on the Ivory - SOLD. 


Tan winter designer accessories.

Casual winter white outfit inspiration.

White feather vest with chic outfit.

Taupe over the knee boot styling.

Chic winter outfit inspiration for mid 20's women.
Now? I thank her about every 10 days when I wear this puppy because it legitimately brightens everything I wear it with! All black outfit & an ivory vest? Amazing. Pink sweater & jeans with an ivory vest? Yep, perfect. It truly goes with everything I put it on with!

My vest is sold out in my specific color but is still available in burgundy. This vest is really similar and on sale, so if you're set on a lighter color it's a great option.

The past couple days have completely felt like spring here in Minneapolis. As Tannis and I were shooting photos for our blogs, we were walking around, without coats, and NOT freezing. Apparently, this is something that's pretty much unheard of during January in the upper Midwest. I'm really thankful to have moved to essentially South Canada during the mildest winter... ever.

Breaking from talking about clothes...


Obviously, I'm cheering on the Atlanta Falcons because as a Miami Dolphins fan... anybody but the Patriots. Amiright?

Halfway to the weekend y'all!

xox, Sam

P.S. that really cute round thing in my back pocket... yep that would be the camera lens I spent 10 minutes frantically searching for that I thought I lost. Good thing my head's attached.

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