Wednesday, March 29, 2017


A few not-so-secret secrets for everyone joining me here today. 
  1. It's bee a little while since I've gotten a post up... oops! 
  2. We're going to be pausing our regularly scheduled programming for a major move. I haven't started packing... and I need to turn off from the world & get that s#*t  done. 
  3. I manage to get stains on me CONSTANTLY, but I won't give up on you white jeans... no, I won't! Please excuse whatever I shoved my knee into (assuming my still dirty, snow residue covered car).


My last day at Club Monaco is going to be this coming Tuesday. Yes, I've cried. Yes, we're all drinking our sorrows tomorrow. I love my little Club family and am SO sad to leave, but Philly holds so much opportunity for both myself and Sean - so to Philadelphia we go!

Between work the next few days and packing, there may be a pause in blog posts all together. I'll keep y'all in the loop on Instagram and SnapChat (samanthaakellyy), so keep an eye out for mini apartment tours of both the Minneapolis apartment and the Philly apartment! 

With the move, I knew we'd be spending a lot of time exploring our new city by eating. I mean, how else do you get acquainted somewhere?! Summer's right around the corner, so I knew I'd want something light and breezy, but also good for dinner and drinks with friends. 
The top is 40% off right now - all you have to do is add the top to your cart! I was a TTS small. 

Prepare to see about 5 variations of this outfit all the time!

Keep sending suggestions for everything & anything Philly please! I've gotten a few really great recommendations and can't wait for more.

xox, Sam

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