Monday, March 6, 2017

Hunter Boots for a Snow Day

Hunter boots in the snow on young woman.
Well spring has this funny habit of sometimes raining, sometimes snowing, and sometimes its the sunniest and prettiest 60 degree day ever. Last week, we picked snow... It wasn't that cold, so I threw on my new raincoat from Zara & my Hunter boots and left the parka at home!


Navy Zara rain coat with preppy outfit.

Preppy rainy day outfit.

Navy and white gingham top and white jeans on young girl.

Pretty preppy young woman.

Cute spring rainy day outfit.

My inner East Coast gal came out here with the gingham & white jeans, but ya know #noshame. 

I have a jacket for what seems like every occasion, and somehow didn't have a rain coat! Word on the street is that once it's April in Minneapolis, all it does is rain. Thinking ahead (before everyone & their mother remembered they need a  rain coat too), I ran around MoA and snagged this one from Zara.

The lining and stripes on the inside is such a fun little preppy touch. My gal pal Dana bought the coat in a dusty pink color, so its out there! I just couldn't find it on the Zara website for y'all.

This weekend was such a blast. This post was supposed to go up Friday, but life got in the way so oopsies! We had dinner & drinks at one of my favorite little breweries, The Freehouse, on Saturday night & spent the day at the Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club on Sunday shooting clays!  I love blogging, but sometimes I get really caught up in the moment having fun with Sean & doing things with friends and have to remind myself that it's okay.

Catch ya Wednesday!
xox, Sam

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