Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Packing for Colorado

Packing is one of those funny things that's so much fun to do, but also SO stressful. Like... will i forget my toothbrush? do I have enough pairs of panties - do I even have panties?!?! Yep, forgot those once.

I can't wait to leave Sunday! I mean, y'all have heard about this trip for a few weeks now so I've certainly built up my anticipation for vacation. I've never skied, so I'm probably over packing. Better to have too much than not enough in my opinion though!


Let's break down the necessities that I'm bringing here:

Warm Clothes

This is a given here, friends. It's winter in Colorado and Telluride has had TONS of snow the last week or so! The weather outlook for the week I'm there is highs towards the 50's and obviously chillier in the evenings. We're treating this vacation as spring break, so I'm bringing spring colors! Blue, tans, purples, and pinks are the basis of this week's wardrobe. 

My denim choices are obvious as they're some of my all-time favorites! White, regular denim, and black were all necessities as I'll basically wear them anytime I'm not skiing. 

I bought this pair of snow pants because I wanted a slimmer fit to not look quite like the Michelin man going down the runs. I have quite a few performance & Lululemon tops for under my ski jacket and vest while skiing. If it's 50 and sunny, I'll definitely just be in a top and vest!

Skin Care

Winter is no joke when it comes to how brutal it is on your skin. I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago a picture what's actually saved my skin since moving to the freezing cold. Well, Vaseline saw my picture and reached out and sent me their new Intensive Care lotion. Nothing is worse than dry, cracked skin so I'll be lathering head to toe in this after skiing everyday. 

I also touched on my facial skin care last week on the blog and my favorite Charlotte Tilbury face moisturizer. I can't leave home without this. I'd rather leave my parka at home than this it's that good. 


We might (don't quote me on this) try and do a vlog of the trip?! Sean's little sister Meghan and I both LOVE to play with the GoPro & between that and my camera, I think we could get some great video footage. Blogging looks hard... but I'm all about the good ole' college try, so we'll see how much we get to film! Oh, and please, please, PLEASE... don't let me forget my camera battery this time! Any and all Nashville pictures that were supposed to happen, didn't. Can't let that happen again!

Halfway to Friday, friends!

xox, Sam

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