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The Telluride Tour Guide

What do to in Telluride, Colorado
For the past few weeks, since we've been home from our vacation in Telluride, I keep looking at Sean saying, "can we go back now?! It was the best vacation of my life" or, "I really could go for a glass of rosé at Bon Vivant". Even the littlest experiences like a little apres ski added up to it being the trip of a lifetime. After living like a local (which is truly the best way to vacation) for a week, I definitely fell in love with Telluride (if you can't tell), and am already making plans to get back earlier next winter!


First things first, let's talk about everyone's favorite part of vacation - indulging in ALL the good food. 


Rustico Restaurant in Telluride, Colorado.
Rustico is without a doubt one of the most delicious Italian restaurants I've ever been to. It's situated on Colorado Avenue and a smaller side street which positions the corner of the restaurant towards the mountains and the most incredible view. Along with fabulous views, there some pretty notable pieces to this spot aside from the views and the food - a scene from Hateful Eight was filmed here! The fireplace in the main room of the restaurant was in some scenes (with a green screen), but the actual fireplace made its cameo in the movie.

La Marmotte French Restaurant in Telluride, Colorado.
The other night we went out to dinner (which only happened twice because hello, skiing wears you out), was to La Marmotte. I think French cuisine ranks up on my list of favorite foods next to Mexican and sushi. If you're a little more adventurous with your food choices and willing to try a range of foods, La Marmotte is definitely for you. The restaurant is in a cozy home right at the base of the mountain, and I really felt like someone invited me into their family home for dinner. 


Apres Ski at Bon Vivant in Telluride, Colorado.
Bon Vivant is basically my dream restaurant & bar with my dream views wrapped into one.  There's a map of Telluride all the way at the bottom of this post so you can follow along to see where places are. Bon Vivant is essentially in the middle of the map, and actually required some ski skill to get to, so we didn't get there until a few days into our trip (real novice skier over here). Once we got to the top of lift 5 and looked up, there was the most charming little round restaurant completely open to the sky and mountains and I felt like I was in the Alps. There were little wooden booths you could sit in at the restaurant, but we took our cocktails to go and sat in the lounge chairs they had set up in the snow (shared another picture here on Instagram).

Best Telluride coffee company.
We had breakfast & coffee at The Butcher & The Baker (pictured above and below) not once, but twice! I don't really eat much dairy, so finding an amazing almond chai latte was sooo good. We tried everything from the cinnamon buns, to the breakfast burrito, and the gluten free pancakes and it was all to die for! Because the restaurant is so small, there's sometimes a wait - but it's well worth it.

Best Telluride Breakfast.

If you're a Starbucks junkie like I am, you can grab some in Mountain Village which is really convenient because you basically have to pass through the village to get to any of the lifts. There's also some great shopping in Mountain Village as well!

  • Gorrono's Ranch which is essentially Telluride's version of ski beach. We had lunch here one day after doing the See Forever run. By the time I got down to the restaurant, I was so hungry that I ate everything in sight and was in a black hole of hunger. I'm assuming my turkey burger was good because I cleaned my plate, buuut once I'm past the point of being hangry sometimes we forget things ya know?
  • Tomboy Tavern was where we stopped mid-day on my first day of skiing. Once again, I was past the point of hunger and can't even remember what I ate. What I do know is that my champagne is well deserved (this was the day I wiped out so bad that I popped my ski from it hitting my leg so hard).
  • Gnar Taco is such an easy spot to hit in town for a quick bite to eat. It's right up the street from the ski shop & valet and was on our walk back home. The tacos were great (obviously, I love tacos), and 6 of us were in and out in 30 minutes. 


Ski Telluride, blue bird day.

Spring Skiing in Telluride, Colorado.

Number one fun thing to do in a ski town... ski, duh. We skied 4 out of the 5 days that we were there, so it took up a ton of our time. The first day, I spent my time skiing around lift 10 which is the easy side of the mountain. I didn't really ski much with Sean the first 2 days because he is SUCH a good skier (like... can ski blacks with ease) and I hadn't ever stepped foot on a ski. But after a few days, we finally were able to ski together. Sean's Aunt Debbie was so awesome and taught me to ski so I didn't have to spend my time in ski school. I think everyone got some good laughs during this trip watching me crash & burn. 😏

As we were walking home from the lifts, we noticed that they were having a band at the venue at the New Sheridan. Going to a local event kinda made our trip! The venue was amazing (it held less than 300 people), so we were up close and personal with the band. If I can recommend anything when it comes to visiting some place new, go to a local event! We all had so much fun. 

More photos from our trip below!

The Gondola in Telluride, Colorado.

If anyone has questions about Telluride or our trip there, feel free to ask below or via email!


xox, Sam

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