Monday, April 24, 2017

Wedding Guest Dresses Under $200

Wedding guest dresses under $200.
It's no surprise that wedding season is upon us. The save-the-dates are flowing in one by one, and as each invite arrives, I know you're already thinking, "what on earth am I going to wear?!" After going to 7+ weddings in the last 2 years, attending everything from a white tie wedding to a semi-formal beach wedding and consulting brides of all types, I've rounded up my favorite options to be the best-dressed guest. Better yet, they're all under $200!

Black guest dress with pink clutch.

How to wear hot pink to a wedding.

Pink clutch with black and grey outfit.

Young woman's wedding guest outfit under $200.

Weddings are quite an investment for both the engaged couple and the guests. All said and done after showers and wedding gifts, I seem to be pushing up toward the $500 price point for an event. In the past, I rented dresses for weddings but as we go into wedding season this year, there's a ton of options under $200 for guest dresses! 

I scoured the internet for an even better deal, under $100, trying to be as price conscious as possible (which is where my little black dress above fell price wise). I personally would wear this dress to a semi-formal wedding, and dependent on the time of day and venue, a formal wedding as well! Much of what makes your outfit dressier is how you accessorize it!

One of the best rules you can set for yourself when picking out a dress for a wedding is if you wouldn't want someone attending your wedding in it, don't wear it! I've rounded up some of my favorite guest dress ideas below for quite a few wedding styles.

Semiformal can be one of the hardest dress codes to shop for because of the fine line of being too underdressed. On the off hand, it can be one of the most fun dress codes to shop for because you know you'll be able to wear your dress to other occasions! Choosing something printed is always high on my list for this attire and is always so fun in photos! 

Formal affairs are great because you tan take something simple, yet elegant like a chiffon gown and add some fabulous jewelry and you're all set! If you have to ask yourself if your dress for the occasion is the dressy enough, I say to find something more toward the overdressed side. As Oscar Wilde said, "you can never be overdressed or overeducated." 

Black Tie is the dress code where you can really pull out all the stops. Think prom ready hair, full glam make up, and lots of sparkles! This dress code has changed a bit over the years, and you're no longer chained to wearing just a long black gown. Typically stick to a darker color and luxe fabrics and you'll be good to go! I actually love red for black tie occasions, wearing something bold is so much more luxurious than we give it credit for!

Below you can shop my outfit from above, as well as the dresses I picked out for each of the wedding dress codes. Hope this helps when picking out dresses to be the best-dressed guest!

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